Uses of Class

Uses of Element in com.twicom.qdparser

Subclasses of Element in com.twicom.qdparser
 class TaggedElement
          Represents a tagged XML element and contains all the information that the original had.
 class TextElement
          An XML element that simply contains text.

Fields in com.twicom.qdparser with type parameters of type Element
(package private)  java.util.List<Element> TaggedElement.elements

Methods in com.twicom.qdparser that return Element
 Element TaggedElement.getChild(int i)
          gets a child from the specified place in this element
static Element Element.newElement(java.lang.String value)
          Creates a new TaggedElement or TextElement depending on the argument
 Element TaggedElement.remove(int index)
          Removes a child from this element

Methods in com.twicom.qdparser that return types with arguments of type Element
 java.util.List<Element> TaggedElement.getElements()
          gets a list of the children of this element.
 java.util.Iterator<Element> TaggedElement.iterator()

Methods in com.twicom.qdparser with parameters of type Element
 void TaggedElement.add(Element element)
          adds a child to the end of this element
 void TaggedElement.add(int index, Element element)
          inserts a child into this element.
 boolean TaggedElement.remove(Element element)
          Removes a child from this element
 void TaggedElement.replace(int index, Element newElement)
          replaces a child element with the one given

Method parameters in com.twicom.qdparser with type arguments of type Element
 void TaggedElement.setElements(java.util.List<Element> elements)
          sets the list of children of this element.